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Not much

Moved to ontario

Bought a house

Sold my old one

I though the airforce was suppose to be cool. It's just cool but with a lot of dicks

I think I will read new manga chapters, then play with the pokebank

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My bum

So my son was standing quietly for a few minutes and I knew the look of poop . So I decided to try and get him on the toilet. So I took his hand an the iPad and we walked to the stairs. I guess my heel wasn't fully on the stair and it slipped. I slid down the stairs on my left butt cheek. I let go of my sons hand before tumbling and he stayed at the top of the stairs laughing at silly mommy. iPad is in a survival case (which I ordered yellow case and pink rubber.. And it looks fabulous) and it was perfectly fine.

I can't sit anywhere without pain in my ass. That makes doing everything movement wise painful. My poor bum.

Hubby will be home from school tomorrow for and extra long weekend for Canada day. Yay canada! You rock! If I wanted to I could have a doctor look at my ass and not have to pay a cent! But instead of wasting someone's time with a blue bum, I'll just pop an Advil and go to bed, and hope my daughter sleeps through the night.

It feels like I crushes my ass hole. I am hilarious. Incase you forgot.

Annnnd I totally picked up the neon blind bag versions of Big Mac, twilight, rainbow dash and that comet one that is from the shining armour mold. His horn is the same color on his hair. And it looks odd. The Main characters have painted hair and that makes them pop! Lovely!

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I wish I could make a decision, like what kind of pjs to buy my son, and not regret it... Like wtf that should be the easiest no?

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Cousins wedding

So we are invited to my younger cousins wedding. Our side there are 9 grand kids. And on his fathers side there are only 3 other grand kids. So not much eh? Not a ton of cousins.... Well his bride is from a monstrously huge family to the point where many cousins aren't invited. And when you,factor in those cousins children, there are tons. Our side on the other hand have only my 2 kids. So to keep things fair I can't bring my 2 kids because their huge family can't bring theirs.

Now my aunt ( his mother) is livid... Since we don't have near as many people coming and all are coming from far away. (Her whole family lives within 25km of each other).

So the bride calls me up and pretty much tells me my kids can't come to the reception and they will provide a babysitter I have never met....yea an feeling a bit awkward right now... And then says pretty much that if the kids act up in church there is a nursery room to bring them to, away from others.

I understand, even though truthfully I'm tired of being segregated for having children...they are good kids and aren't brats who act real fathers side of the family has pretty much written me off now. No idea why. And I don't care. Don't like my kids or don't like them in your house? Then we are done. I don't need anyone like that in my life. Sorry but my kids are far more fun to be around than you...

Then my mom calls my aunt, and aunt calls the brides mother....then brides mother calls me and starts guilt tripping one point I said I just wouldn't come...then she guilt tripped me for already paying for the dinner( when I think of it now, my aunt is paying for our side not her...)

I will no ruin a wedding over this... It's her wedding and she can do what she wants....

So I give in and let her book the sitter....doesn't matter... I will be up there every 15 minutes anyways.


Once the bride has kids, she'll's not because she's doing it to be mean.... She simply doesn't see children as fun right now and that's fine.

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A bit miffed

You know what, I just deleted what I was going to write. I am a little miffed about something that I entrusted to a friend. And it might cost me money in the end. But, oh well. You know what? I can understand how it happened.

I have a lot of debt that's weighing on my families shoulders right now. And it does worry me often. I need to start living my life frugally. Not cheap but frugal. Just because others have all these cool thing and what not doesn't mean I'm entitled to have them too.

We might be moving in the new year and we might have to seriously look at our finances and see about down sizing.
Things are going to be hard with a lot of debt and 2 kids in daycare.

We already have money being put aside for Christmas, so the holidays will be nice with no money worries. I just wish big expenses would stop popping up, but that's life isn't it?

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Next month will be the one year anniversary of my husband quitting alcohol.

He did it not because I said anything, but of his own accord. After he quit, he no longer slept in and therefor left me to care for our son every morning. He is full of energy and on the weekends always wants to get out early and do something with the family. He is healthier and happier.

I think I want to make his some cabbage rolls for the anniversary. I'm very proud of him.

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So I got a funny video of my son trying my daughters prune baby food. He tries it and says "yuk"! Then tries to stop me from feeding it to everyone else. He was too cute and is just starting to parrot everything people say. It was so funny I'm like what the heck, let's send it into America's funniest video. Well they sent release forms! Maybe we will see it on tv? Exciting!

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I should write more

Now I am not the best writer so I'm sorry if my entries are badly written.

I haven't drawn anything worthwhile since my son was born.

I have a lot of debt right now, and that scares me.

I love my job, just don't like where I work.

I'm on mat leave till October.

Husband is due for a posting in the new year, and the I
Idea of moving is positive, but the finanical ability to buy something comparable where we go is bleak.

I am happy, just worried.